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ITF will be the global choice for facilitating collaborative technology innovation and deployment in oil & gas and related energy industries.

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Established in 1999 ITF (Industry Technology Facilitator), is a "not for profit" organisation owned by 30 major global operators and service companies. Our key objectives are to identify technology needs, foster innovation and facilitate the development and implementation of new technologies. To date, ITF has been responsible in launching more than 190 new collaborative and revolutionary joint industry projects (JIPs), with a portfolio of around 37 ongoing projects linked to £16 million direct member investment. ITF supports the development and implementation of new technologies by the following means:

ITF staff focus on adding value through a partnership interaction with operator members to understand their business driven technology needs. Thereafter ITF adopts a systematic process to seek out technology solutions and innovations to meet its members business-driven technology needs. These are progressed through development of joint industry projects (JIPs), field trials and ultimately, implementation.

The topics addressed by these ITF sponsored technologies include seismic resolution, complex reservoirs, cost-effective drilling and intervention, subsea, maximising production, integrity management, and environmental performance.

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